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Body, Mind, Spirit and Soul

A good islamic education nurtures a good human being, a good member of a family, a good member of a community and a good citizen of the world.

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Way to a Better Future

A sample of our teaching aids to make students learn and practice Islamic Adaab & Etiquettes.

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Zairaq is a special School established in quest for profound and reliable Islamic upbringing of the Muslim Children, the Muslim Youth and the Adult. Aimed at, providing the Authentic Islamic Knowledge and creed to Muslims in all axis of the world through Day and Boarding intensive and affordable programme balancing between the two worlds.

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At Zairaq Islamic International School, we strive to follow the idea of the prophet (saw) about knowledge and methodologies of the pious predecessor of Islam. The knowledge of the pious predecessor of this Ummah among the Sahabah (Companions of the Prophet, their followers and students) is our virtue.

We maintained a, day, boarding, FREE TAHFEEZ PACKAGE, Adult class (men only), Adult class (female only), online (mixed), community school for learners of 3 years upward whose learning would bring about positive change to the Muslim environment, society and the Islamic Ummah at large. It was opened in January 8, 2018 following the Curriculum (Manhaj) of Zairaq Educational Consult.

Dedicated and well-qualified teachers for all subjects, including those for Arabic and Islamic studies with graduation and doctorates from the Islamic Universities.

Our CURRICULUM AND SYLLABUS comprise the Nigerian-British Curriculum, Saudi Arabia Curriculum (Muqarrar Saudiyyah) and The Ahlus-Suffah Methodology

ZIIS, Alhamdulillah, provides Muslim children excellent quality education and facilities for their overall development. They are taught moral values and various skills to face the dynamic challenges and opportunities of life with care, confidence and self-discipline.

Classes and Programme

Zairaq Islamic Nursery, Primary and College(Both Islamic and Conventional), Madrasatu Zahuraqun-Nur Al-Islamiyyah (Zairaq Islamic International School for Children and Adult(both online and classroom session) and Zairaq Islamic free Tahfeez Programme(Tsangaya)

Pre-Basic Education(Nursery)

Offering 2 years Qur’anic and Arabic programme (for 3 years old child) before starting basic education (BOTH DAY AND BOARDING FACILITIES)

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Basic Education

BASICEDUCATION (1-6): By age 10, pupils would have graduated from Basic (6), IBTIDAIYAHPROGRAMME as well as completion of TAHFIZULQUR’AN

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Basic Education(Primary)

BASICEDUCATION (7-9), ‘IDADIYAHPROGRAMME, as well as completion of Memorization of KUTUBUSITTAH.

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SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL (ZAIRAQ COLLEGE) (1-3), THANAWIYYAHPROGRAMME, with the Fundamentals of Islam and Arabic language and as well as studying QIRAATUL-ASHR

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